What We Do

Orphans Know More supports African families we know personally who have adopted orphans. Our first partnership is with Ugandan families who began responding to the needs of those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Orphans Know More work to:

Sponsor Education

OKM sponsors the education of all the children in the network to equip each one to develop his/her unique potential. This is at primary, secondary school and vocational training levels. We have also helped a few young people with partial grants/loans to complete university.


Provide Clean Water

Clean water is a basic human right. Boiling water using charcoal is expensive and damaging to the environment. OKM introduces tablets and water filters to purify water as well as using rainwater harvesting to collect rain from the roof into large tanks during the rainy season. This saves money, saves the environment and saves time as children don’t have to fetch water from a distant source.

Improve Housing

We work together with the local community to repair or build new houses for some of the families. Through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity, OKM staff identified families who qualified and 80 new homes were built in 2008.

Agricultural Food Production

Families, communities and schools benefit through improved seed distribution and training in agriculture. For several years a trained agriculturalist assisted our families in this area. Land has been rented for some families who have none and they have cleared it and are beginning to grow more of their own food.

Income Generation and Micro Finance

Small loans, business coaching and advice that we provide are helping some widows and families become more self-sufficient. More of the young people are starting up small businesses with our encouragement.

Medical Health

AIDS has devestated families, and many of the widows and some of the children are HIV positive. Anti-retroviral drugs are making a huge difference. There are other common diseases like malaria and more rare conditions such as epilepsy. We assist with a medical fund to help with treatment and associated costs such as transport when needed.

Appropriate Technology

Whether it’s a simple water filter, a rainwater harvesting tank, a new long lasting mosquito net, a solar powered lantern, or a smokeless oven, appropriate technology when introduced carefully can make a huge impact, We would like to see more of these tools be made available to the OKM families and their communities.


It is our hope that people in the West will become linked to developing communities across the world, taking on their needs as if they were our local neighbours. Join us in working together to give orphans a face, a family, and a future!