Fundraising Ideas

Drawing Contest

Hold a drawing contest for young kids! Each child can make a donation to participate and the winner will get their artwork featured on our website! Money raised can be given to Orphans Know More.

Sell things!

Sell baked goods, crafts, hand-made cards. Roll up at a car-boot sale or throw garage sale. Hold an auction of promises and give the proceeds to Orphans Know More.


Have tournaments in football, volleyball or 3-on-3 basketball. Or you could run a marathon and raise sponsorship for Orphans Know More. Then again, how about a golf tourney?


This works with birthdays, holidays, or just for fun! Have an African themed party and ask your guests to bring a donation to help kids in Africa. If it’s your birthday, instead of getting presents your guests can order a gift from the Orphans Know More Gift Menu (link).

Offer Your Services

You could offer your skills to your local neighbourhood, church, or school while helping African orphans at the same time. Arrange to clean, rake, shovel snow, paint, babysit, etc and instead of a payment, ask for donations to Orphans Know More!

Christmas Time

Ask your local store for permission to have a gift wrapping table in front of their shop. Maybe also get permission to have a band/choir perform and collect from shoppers for Orphans Know More. Putting on a Christmas play/nativity/panto?  Can you designate a portion of the proceeds to Orphans Know More?

Host a Meal

There’s a host of ways to do this one! Invite friends over for an Orphans Know More meal. On the invitation suggest bringing a £5- £10 donation. After dinner show an OKM video, explain a little about Orphans Know More and why you want to help.

Or host an all-you-can-eat dinner at your school/club/group and the donations will be given to Orphans Know More. You could serve spaghetti, rustle up a BBQ, or have a pancake breakfast.

Do something Wacky!

Raise sponsorship to do something crazy like going bungee jumping, sky diving, or jumping into a cold lake in the middle of winter (of course parental consent is advised) . Or you could ask a willing volunteer (like a teacher!) to shave their head if and only if your school is able to reach its fundraising goal for Orphans Know More!


This one is great at Easter time. You could hold an Easter egg hunt for neighbours. The kids who participate can pay £3 each, and the money given will go toward education for the Orphans Know More Kids. You can encourage people to participate by letting them know that their £3 will pay for 1 week of education for one of the OKM kids in Uganda! Eggucation cards are available to promote this.

As you are planning your fundraisers, please let us know and we’ll send you a packet of information to help you raise awareness about the needs of orphans in Africa.

Create your own fundraiser

We love to see people get inspired by the work we are doing in Uganda and join us being creative and doing a fundraiser in your area to support our work. Have a look at our Fundraising Stories link to see what other people have done and get some ideas! Thanks!

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