Orphans Know More is a relationally based partnership working together to give orphans a Face, a Family and a Future.


Dispelling the myth of a faceless crisis

Statistics such as “12 million orphans in Africa” can be mind and heart numbing.  Rather than motivated, we are unmoved or become overwhelmed.  OKM wants to dispel the myth of a faceless crisis by relating to real children and families, each with their own story of loss and restored hopes and dreams.

Strengthening families caring for orphans & vulnerable children

OKM focuses on families, not institutions.  Orphans and vulnerable children are freed from the stigma and prejudice of labels such as “AIDS Orphan” as they become valued members of a new family.  Family and extended family are vital in bringing change and hope to these children throughout their lives.

Awakening hope and equipping children to develop their potential

Children are amazingly resilient but repeated suffering, tragedy and loss can hinder hope for a better future.  We work through counsellors, social workers and workshops to help children and their families regain their hope and develop their God-given potential. Children can realise their significant place in society through opportunities for consistent learning as we fund primary, secondary, vocational and college education.


  • Restoring Dignity
  • Working Relationally
  • Recognizing Uniqueness
  • Sustainable Commitment
  • Creating Belonging

Orphans Know More is a relationally based charity working to bring global communities and people closer together. We operate as a ministry of the international charity Youth With A Mission (Registered charity No. 264078).

Orphans Know More believe that the best way to tackle the international orphan crisis is to care for children in families. Sam Kisolo, a former HIV/AIDS counsellor, has taken more than 11 orphans into his family over the years (along with his 4 biological children) and cares for many others in the wider community. Some of these former orphans are now grown adults.  When asked why he feels that adoption, rather than opening more orphanages is of such importance he replied,

“Placing children in families gives them the right to be children again. They no longer have to live with the stigma of being an orphan, but become a child again as a part of a family.”

The Jinja Region in Southern Uganda is where Orphans Know More has its pilot project. 20 local families care for 140 children as their own, offering love, acceptance and care without condition. These families still function as a nuclear unit free from institutionalisation, inspiring hope in us that this model can be replicated on a larger scale. Stronger families within the network also care for other families that may be headed by a widow who is HIV+. In this way we can partner together to strengthen more families also caring for orphans and vulnerable children.