2nd June, 2 men, 2 bikes, 2 weeks in the saddle!

“We have been talking about doing it for years and have finally decided this was the time as we are both now in our sixties.”
On 2nd June the adventure begins for Pete Adams and Harry Hewat, both pastors from Birmingham. They will be cycling the iconic 1000-mile ‘End-2-End’ route from Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise money for ‘Orphans Know More’.

Back in 2013/14 Harry and his wife Sandy spent time in Uganda and became friends with some of the OKM families who have adopted many orphans.
“We saw first hand the challenges they face but also the fruit of their sacrificial love. We were impressed!”

The two men plan to complete the End-2-End challenge in 15 days, 70 miles a day with a rest day in the middle. “Pete and I daily train for our epic ride. I remind myself of the benefit our fundraising is having for the children. The sponsorship money we raise goes a long way in Uganda and makes a huge difference in people’s lives. Knowing that gives us huge incentive and satisfaction. We have been bowled over by our supporters’ heartfelt generosity. Already we have nearly doubled our original goal of raising £15000 and we thank God for that. We are told by those who have done it to ‘enjoy the ride’, and drink lots of water!” says Harry.

People like Pete and Harry are an inspiration and we want to say a public thank-you to them for their hard work and to wish them success on the amazing journey they are undertaking! But they would be the first to say that the heroes here are the OKM parents who have for years welcomed and wholeheartedly love their adopted sons and daughters.

You can play a part in this too, please make a donation here:
It will spur Peter and Harry to see the gift totals rise, furthermore, it will go a long way in seeing young people finding hope and purpose, becoming whole and productive.

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