“Very hard working and committed”
“Very caring and patient.”
“A very good listener and encourager.”
“Always very concerned and interested in what happened to both our children and us parents.”
“A very good communicator.”
“She gave quality time to the children.”
“She was like a mother to the children.”
“Great organizational skills”
These were just a few of the loving and grateful tributes from the parents who have shared their lives with Teopista for 8 amazing years.
Back in April 2006 Teopista was just graduating from University when Sam Kisolo approached her about becoming the first Orphans Know More Social Worker. It was an opportunity that Teopista felt excited about, she felt a stirring in her heart that this was not just about accepting a job but rather embracing a calling and a passion!
One of the early challenges was building friendship with all of the parents who were included in the family network. Patiently, she established trust with them all and has earned their deep respect and love.
Getting her head around all the children’s names was a tall order (there are now 140 children/young people altogether!). Really getting to know each one with their individual personalities and issues was vital and involved hours of traveling, listening and consulting with parents and teachers.
Teopista kept detailed reports that were submitted regularly to the OKM Advisory Board back in England. She learned all about the Ugandan legal procedures for fostering and adopting children in-country and ensured that legal documentation was kept up-to-date. In everything she did, and the list is long, she was very diligent and caring.
She married and had a son but more recently decided that as her second child is due, it is time to spend more time at home with her children, and plans to raise poultry, grow food and start a clothing cottage industry. We are so grateful to her for all she has invested and know that though the job has come to an end the relationships and the legacy of love will continue. Thank-you Teopista, you have touched our lives and blessed so many.

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