Meet Moureen

Twelve o’clock at night and the little girl, cold and huddled against the makeshift mud-hut wall awaited the familiar bang on the door. Her drunk mother and boyfriend would be returning and if she didn’t unlock the door quickly enough for them, she would receive another frenzied beating. Moureen had brothers and sisters but when her parents divorced all the siblings were taken away by aunts. But no one had wanted Moureen as she had always been a sickly child.

There were many more hardships for Moureen. She was withdrawn from school to work in the home, fetching water, cleaning, shopping, doing laundry and cooking. Her mother had three more babies and Moureen was the primary carer for each. When one died, Moureen was repeatedly accused by her mother of killing the baby! Many nights Moureen would be thrown out, along with her clothes and precious few belongings. Neighbours usually gave her shelter for the night before she had to return home the next morning, there was nowhere else to go.

Meet Moureen today and you would have no indication that this was part of her story. She is tall, with bright eyes and a matching bright smile. She has a degree in IT and was until recently sponosored to come to in England to help us in the OKM office in Harpenden. Reunited happily with her Ugandan family for Christmas, she is planning next to travel to Rwanda to assist with orphan care there.

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