Willy finds his future through foster care

It was the day Willy’s father lost his long battle with AIDS. Willy tried to comfort his mother, who collapsed, grief-stricken and hopeless, as they carried her husband’s coffin away.  “I’ll take care of you,” Willy promised, his calm, young voice belying the turmoil he felt inside, as the harsh reality of their situation sank in – his father’s farm was barren and neglected, his mother had no job, and her purse was as empty as their stomachs. He realised he would have to leave school and find work.

Willy found work at a neighbours’ farm, but the pittance he earned, barely covered the basic necessities. Lack of daily food meant Willy became sick and the spiral downwards was in motion. It was right at this very low point in his life that a kind family living in a nearby town, suggested Willy move in with them. He would still be able to visit his mother and over time would be in a better position to help her. His mother was relieved that help had come their way and the decision was made.

“When I was fostered, life changed drastically”, Willy says, beaming.  “I had enough to eat, I went back to school, and I learnt to dream again.” He is a university student now, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Project Planning and Entrepreneurship. “I desire to turn my blessing into a blessing for others,” he explains. He wants to work with street children and start community development initiatives.  “You never know what a person will become, so I want to give them a chance, just as my parents and Orphans Know More have given me a chance at life.” Willy is making his foster family and his mother proud!

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