Naomi’s No Make-up November Challenge

Naomi and some friends are doing a No Make-up November challenge for Orphans Know More because 69 Ugandan girls need access to education.

Click here to see their progress updates, or read on to find out more about the No Make-up November challenge.

Naomi is raising money for Orphans Know More (OKM) and the families who have fostered and adopted and care for 170 children as their own, offering love and acceptance without condition. These families function as nuclear and extended families, free from institutionalisation.

Of the 170 children who are fostered, adopted and cared for as part of the OKM network, 69 girls need sponsorship for their primary, secondary and vocational education this year.

In Uganda, only 18% of girls finish secondary education.

Naomi said, “I have personally been out four times to visit the girls and their families. My friends and I ran a 5 day art camp for them called ‘Telling our stories. Finding our voices.’ I know firsthand their passion and determination to learn.”

“Please sponsor me. 100% of your donation after bank charges goes to these 69 Ugandan girls and their educations.”

Click here to sponsor Naomi and her friends in the No Make-up November challenge.

2nd June, 2 men, 2 bikes, 2 weeks in the saddle!

Pete and Harry 2

“We have been talking about doing it for years and have finally decided this was the time as we are both now in our sixties.” On 2nd June the adventure begins for Pete Adams and Harry Hewat, both pastors from Birmingham. They will be cycling the iconic 1000-mile ‘End-2-End’ route from Land’s End to John…

OKM enters the London Marathon


Our first ever marathon runner at The London Marathon!!!!!!!! We are so proud of husband and father, Richard, who is in the final stages of preparation for this huge challenge. Richard has been a dedicated fundraiser for Orphans Know More since we began our charity 10 years ago. He just got back from a trip…

Bring on the Smiles

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Friday 7th November 2014 7:30pm – midnight Orphans Know More invites you to raise funds for our Ugandan families who have adopted orphans. Chinese 3 course set meal and disco. Raffle/Auction/Casual Dress/ Adults £25/Students £20 Chef Peking, 5-6 Church Green, Harpenden, AL5 2TP To book: email Paula at or text to 07747865174



Thanks to Harry (pictured here with his daughter Leah) who just ran a half-marathon for OKM! Harry lives in Uganda and knows and loves our families out there. Congratulations Harry on successfully completing the challenge. Here’s a word from the man himself! ” I’m really chuffed to have finished the Maidenhead Half Marathon in 2…



TEOPISTA, OUR SOCIAL WORKER, WHO LEAVES A LEGACY OF LOVE “Very hard working and committed” “Very caring and patient.” “A very good listener and encourager.” “Always very concerned and interested in what happened to both our children and us parents.” “A very good communicator.” “She gave quality time to the children.” “She was like a…

Light Up A Life


On a recent trip to Uganda we were concerned for the number of families in our network who are still using kerosene (paraffin) lamps. We came home resolved to raise funds so that each of the nineteen families can have at least one solar lantern, but more if possible, as many families are large. Friday…

Rally Round Running Man, Richard


The countdown is on, as Richard prepares for the Paris Marathon on April 7th.  7 years ago Richard traveled to Uganda and met some amazing families who had adopted many orphans, some who were HIV+. Ever since, Richard and his wife, Paula committed themselves to raise awareness and funds for the charity they helped start, Orphans Know…

Meet Moureen


Twelve o’clock at night and the little girl, cold and huddled against the makeshift mud-hut wall awaited the familiar bang on the door. Her drunk mother and boyfriend would be returning and if she didn’t unlock the door quickly enough for them, she would receive another frenzied beating. Moureen had brothers and sisters but when…

Willy finds his future through foster care

It was the day Willy’s father lost his long battle with AIDS. Willy tried to comfort his mother, who collapsed, grief-stricken and hopeless, as they carried her husband’s coffin away.  “I’ll take care of you,” Willy promised, his calm, young voice belying the turmoil he felt inside, as the harsh reality of their situation sank…