Give USA

There are a number of ways in which you can give toward our vision and heart for our families. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Monetary Contribution – In-Kind Donation – Gift Menu (specific need projects) Seasonal Campaigns – Planned Giving – Online Donations

Your donation could be allocated directly toward a specific project (see our Gift Menu) or one of our seasonal campaigns. You could also simply mail your monetary gift to us and it would then be designated toward the greatest need at that time.

For ways to give see our Fundraising Campaigns.

Tax deductible USA

Orphans Know More is registered with Congressional District Programs (CDP) for your tax deductable donation. CDP will provide you with a charitable receipt of your donation when you donate $250 or more (in accordance with IRS regulations). For donations less than $250, you may use your billing statement for tax purposes. If you receive something of value in return for this donation, it will not be tax deductible. Please note that your billing statement will show a charge from Congressional District Programs (CDP), NOT Orphans Know More.

UCP Information –

“Orphans Know More USA’ is a project of United Charitable Programs, Inc – a registered 501c (3) public charity.”

“All moneys raised by ‘Orphans Know More’ are received by United Charitable Programs and become the sole property of UCP which, for internal purposes, allocates the funds to the Project. The Program Manager makes recommendations for disbursements which are reviewed by UCP for approval.”

Read more about our donation integrity.